two modern women making space for other modern women



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HerSpace Co. began to take form almost 10 years ago long before it even had a name. From women's conferences and retreats at hotels to workshops on college campuses, the founders of HerSpace Co. have found themselves creating + holding space for the modern woman as she journeys through life.


In 2014, our founders sat in the Palace of Auburn Hills arena for Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend . They were right in the middle of our own individual life transitions - jobs, engagement, relocation, degree completion, relationships, financial strain, spiritual droughts, mothering and Bar examination preparations. They were tired and discouraged.  

And so there they sat, in a room full of thousands of middle aged women who seemed to be discouraged and tired too. 

They listened.

They talked. 

They danced.

They laughed.

They shared.

They connected.

They cried. 

And then they realized. 

They realized what has been calling them since 2008 - creating a space where the modern woman can be and become...A space where she could be challenged and celebrated....A space where she could rest and roar...A space where she could make magic and make meaning. We recalled the joy we previously experienced when we hosted women's conferences, retreats and workshops. Most of all, we remembered that before life happened we had a dream to create spaces that journey alongside women as they live + evolve. 

HerSpace Co. is that space. It is indeed her space. It is our baby and our brand created for modern women by 2 women who know what it feels like to need a space to call your own.