Lose to Win

Growing up, I believed that only losers quit. That is what I was raised to believe. It is what I held onto for much of my childhood and it carried me through my young adulthood. I don’t care how tough or hard things would get I found pride and great joy in being able to boast “Nisha, did not quit.” I found myself sitting at my office desk with my head down, tears running down my face and barely able to breathe. Chest tight. Mind racing over the 1,000 things on my to-do list all while trying to figure out what was wrong. I heard a small still voice, my inner me – you know the one that has the direct connection to God, say “You need to quit.” My heart sank because immediately it felt like I ha

The Extra Mile

In the past, being miles and miles from my closest friends and family has been an excuse for my lack of a consistent social life and the absence of outings and experiences (outside of my little family) that bring me joy. However this year, I have committed myself to making the miles between me and those who mean to the world to me an opportunity instead of an obstacle. And here's what I realize in doing this : people only do what they first make a priority. So this year, if you flip through the pages of my Layered Living Planner 2020, my priorities are pretty are clear. You will see quite a bit of my days marked with travel plans. Some places near and some places far. I even got so creativ

Time is Ticking

On the 8th anniversary of Whitney Houston's death I sit listening to Nipsey Hussle echo throughout my house rapping the lyrics "who knew" two weeks before the memorial service of Kobe Bryant and his young daughter. Who Knew. These lyrics were almost prophetic. I reflect on the lives and deaths of these celebrities. Who Knew. It made me stop and ask honestly - who really knows? And reality is that we live not knowing when sudden illness, death, or just life-altering events are headed our way. So what do we do with the time we are given in the meantime? We are taught the value of money, the value of working hard and some of us are even taught the value of relationships - but what about the va

The Perfect Reset

Is it just me or was January the month that seemed like it would never end ? Attempting to recover from the holidays, pushing through the hard start of new routines and processing the tragic helicopter accident that took 9 lives too soon, made for a January that I was eager to see go. Last week, we polled our Layered Living Planner Circle members and Instagram followers how this first month has been using your #LLP2020. 58% of you shared hat you were not as consistent with using your Layered Living Planner in the month of January as you hoped to be. And guess what? IT IS OK. With 4 days into the second month of the year, February feels like the perfect reset. Instead of leaning away from you