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the concept

The Layered Living Planner is not just a planner. It is a modern tool for the modern woman juggling and journeying through life. We know all too well what it feels like to wake up every single morning with the weight of wondering how we would do it all and if we could actually do it all. This is why we created the Layered Living Planner. We knew that we needed one space where we could manage, but also make meaning of our lives; be intentional but also flexible; be celebrated but also challenged; plan, but also reflect; something practical but also inspirational. We needed a space where the total sum of our many parts, many hats and many layers - all of who we are and what we do - would be welcomed.

The Layered Living Planner is planner is more than just a space for your routines, to do lists and schedule. It is a space to give yourself permission to tend to your whole self leaving nothing behind.

the concept

the functional


  • Date range: January 2019-December 2019

  • Dimensions: 7x9 inches

  • No. of pages: 233 pages

  • Quality 100 GSM paper

  • Hardcover with gold protective corners

  • Gold wire binding

  • Full monthly calendar layout including space for notes, reminders, etc.

  • Weekly calendar layout including space for lists, tasks, etc.

  • Monthly + Quarterly tabs

  • Inside front + back pockets

the functional features



These core components make the Layered Living Planner go round. They are the heart and soul of LLP designed to guide you as you carve out time to address each of your many layers.

  • Lead Your Layers : plan your year

  • Live Out Your Layers : develop intentional habits

  • Lean Into Your Layers : assess your progress

  • Learn From Your Layers : reflect on your year

Without these unique elements, The Layered Living Planner would simply just be a planner. Instead we have gone the extra mile by not just creating a space where you can live, but a space where you can also evolve. 

These special features have also been woven into the LLP system to bring rhythm + routine to your year:

  • Word of the Year : a point of focus for your year

  • Monthly Focus + Mantra : a monthly reminder of who you are

  • Jots + Joys : a weekly space of order for your lists and notes

special components

core components

the components

tanisha carothers

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created for the modern woman by two modern women

With over 500 miles between them and juggling full time jobs, the founders of HerSpace Co.

together have crafted 
235 pages of original content that will change the juggle for women around the world forever.   



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the creators


We welcome you to contact us below regarding large quantity orders, retail wholesaling, general product questions, product partnerships, media and all other questions as it pertains to LLP.  Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

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