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City Circles FAQs

What is the purpose of a City Circle?

City Circles are groups of modern women who hang, connect and grow with one another. These groups are meant to be life-giving and we empower you to shape the circle in the way you feel led. We encourage fun outings, meaningful discussions and just an overall good time with fellow modern women. Become the space that so many of us need!


How many women can be in a City Circle?

City Circles are not limited in size however we want to ensure the circles remain intimate and a safe space for women to gather.

How often will City Circles meet? 

AmbassdHers will determine the meetup schedule but they are required to meet with their City Circle at least quarterly.


Is there a cost associated with City Circles? 

City Circles do not have a sign-up cost however an AmbassdHer may collect monies for outings or to cover other expenses such as food.

Who will be responsible for marketing and promotion? 

Our Creative Director will create all marketing and promotion material for your circle but we do not know your city like you do – so we will need your help with promoting materials.

How involved are the HerSpace FoundHers? 

We are selecting a team of AmbassdHers that we are confident can effectively lead City Circles. We will provide support to our AmbassdHers and will virtually visit the City Circles frequently. And who knows, if we are your city we may pop in!

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