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Women Who Juggle Series - Vol. 2: Dr. Chauncey Tarrant - DoctHer, PartnHer, MotHer, LeadHer

September 20, 2017

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Good Vibes Only


There's something about the summertime that makes us feel like all is right in the world. Perhaps it's the sunshine, the long days, the sounds of vacation waves, the pool splashes, cookouts, day parties, weddings or summer rain. In the Summer, for whatever the reason, joy doesn't seem so hard to find.


But then again, maybe Winter and Spring has its way with you - death, weight gain, breakups, loss, miscarriages, financial trouble, fatigue, broken friendships, job disappointments. And while joy is not necessarily hard to find, for you it may be hard to feel. Maybe you can't quite shake the residue and aftermath of the previous seasons. What happened was too heavy, too big and too unforgettable to act as if just because Summer has arrived that you too are here for it.


But sis, summer IS here. She's present and accounted for. She's shining. She's warm. She's relentless and she has come bearing gifts. And while you may not be ready for her, she's ready for you to soak in all her goodness. Even if it means putting on your swimming suit even when your body goals are still just goals, sitting by a pool even when you only want to lay in bed, hopping in your car for an impromptu road trip even when an international escape is what you had in mind, give a date a try even when you've promised yourself that you're done with this dating thing , grab dessert or a drink with a sistafriend even though you haven't talked to her since last summer, do something different to your hair even when you're scared of how it will turn out and sundress slay even when you have nowhere to go.


Don't just soak in the sun. Soak in summer joy. Lay in it until you feel it.


We are going to help you reserve the next few months for Good Vibes Only. For the next 5 weeks, we'll be serving  you a series of nothing but goodness . Take it all in. Bottle it up. You know like we know that winter will be back soon.


Until next week...