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September 20, 2017

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What's Your Vibe?

Summer heat is here! I’ve noticed the increase of invitations to day events, rooftop parties, girls-trips, birthday celebrations, weddings and occasional just because turn-ups. My social media timelines are full of traveling pictures + people enjoying summer fun. I have downloaded every app + searched for the perfect planner to manage all the fun!


My best friend recently turned 30 and we celebrated with a 90s themed pool party (of course, no one really swam). Her party was in the middle of hectic week- I was preparing to travel for two months, returning from a trip to Mexico, and visiting with out of state family. While rushing to her celebration, I jokingly asked myself, “What am I bringing to the party other than my great personality and beautiful looks?” While this was a funny joke it is a question I ask myself often.


Your energy enters the room with you but lingers when you leave… What’s being left behind? Good Vibes Only is more about the vibrations we choose to entertain more than an actual tangible thing. What better season than summer to take a mental inventory of what’s in our sand bucket. Be the person that people want at the beach party. Life is short and summer is even shorter. So, let’s commit to killing the complaining, fussy, petty and negative vibes. Even in the midst of the hectic schedules and personal storms we must be accountable for our energy.


Oh, and sis, release any guilt for not inviting that one friend - Negative Natasha. She may be your homegirl but summer 2017 is all about Good Vibes Only. If she asks why she didn’t receive her invitation  – just send her the link to this blog.


In the words of Kendrick – Please Don’t Kill My Vibe.