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Women Who Juggle Series - Vol. 2: Dr. Chauncey Tarrant - DoctHer, PartnHer, MotHer, LeadHer

September 20, 2017

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Right Where You Are



I'd be lying if I said that these summer months did not have me wanting to stand on the mountains of Santorini overlooking the Aegean Sea, to lay in a cabana in Turks and Caicos gazing in the Atlantic or gitty up on the back of a horse as it gallops through Jamaican waters. I would be telling quite the story if I said that I did not sometimes wonder how the traveling wave has not found its way to my shore or wonder how it is that I had a passport and stamps at 9 years old, long before traveling became a trend, but have yet to handle that piece of business as an almost 30 year old adult. I'd be lying if I said that even as I type this that I would not rather be typing this elsewhere, geographically that is...That I would not rather be everywhere that everyone else seems to be this summer - maxin' and relaxin'....poolside parlaying and seaside shindigging.

But I am here - no pool or beach in sight - making it my duty to find me some summer joy. And while a tropical escape is not in the tides for me this summer, joy is. We can't deny that beautiful places have a way of making all things feel, seem and be beautiful. But perhaps it is also true that beauty is not just found in the deepest, bluest seas or on the whitest sandy shores. What if the truth is that beauty is all around us waiting to be planes or passports needed. What if I told you that joy has no zip codes or geographical coordinates? What if I told you that we have access to joy's shore daily where the waves are strong enough and deep enough to meet us right where we are?

My 3 year old daughter has been in love with one of Disney's newest movies, Moana, and let me be honest, I've fallen in love with it too.  It's the story of a determined daughter of the chief of Polynesian tribe who sets sail to save her people. In the midst of her adventure she discovers her own identity, the very thing she always longed to find. There's one song from the movie that's really become my jam -