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Women Who Juggle Series - Vol. 2: Dr. Chauncey Tarrant - DoctHer, PartnHer, MotHer, LeadHer

September 20, 2017

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Thinking Out Loud


I am a thinker by design. I dream. I sort.  I consider. I analyze. I process. I calculate. I anticipate. I also overdream, oversort, overconsider, overanalyze, overprocess, overcalculate and overanticipate. My mind moves faster than my life and my feet. Most days I can't keep up. And while yes I am tired from the daily juggle, I have come to realize that when my head hits the pillow at night I am drained from all that I think about throughout the course of a day not necessarily all that I've done.


The weight of a thought is far too often underestimated. Our thoughts do not struggle with making themselves at home. They feel most comfortable in our most intimate spaces and if we are not careful, we will let them have their way. Whether you're replaying your last argument with your significant other, imagining all the ways you can fail if you take this big leap, running a mental calculation of your income and expenses or tossing and turning at night dreading tomorrow's agenda, with every thought comes the emotions and energy of that very thought. Many times we are anxious, depressed, sad, on edge, defeated and discouraged not because anything has happened in real life, but because in our minds everything has happened. Inspired the famous words: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste", a mind is also a terrible thing to race. It leave us worn out from unnecessary, negative thinking.  And quite frankly, I am sick of being worn out.


While August is upon us and this post marks the end of our 2017 summer blog series, Good Vibes Only, we cannot let this be the end of our commitment to reserving our minds, our moods, and our mouths for goodness. In the midst of this juggle and journey that we find ourselves on, I want us to cling to this:


If it doesn't flow,

it has to go.


Let this thought make itself at home. 

Let this thought get all up in your space.

Let this thought bring you ridiculous peace.

And let this thought be a magnet for nothing but good vibes only not just this Summer, but all Fall and Winter long. <3