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Women Who Juggle Series - Vol. 2: Dr. Chauncey Tarrant - DoctHer, PartnHer, MotHer, LeadHer

September 20, 2017

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Women Who Juggle Series - Vol. 1: LaToyia Jones - SurivHer, FoundHer, CreatHer

Cleveland native, Ms. Latoyia Jones is a firm believer in purpose. So much that she founded her very own non-profit organization, Alive On Purpose, as a way to impact the lives of others through her story. Growing up in a foster home, navigating life with a mother who struggled with addiction and father who was incarcerated, Jones wrestled with depression and suicide. Her organization is her gift to those who come behind her that believe, because of life circumstances, life is not worth living.


We had an opportunity to chat with Latoyia a week after her organization's largest event, Him & Me Dance, aimed at strengthening the bond of fathers and daughters to prevent suicide and other negative effects on girls. She talked to us about the juggle of being a founder of non-profit organization, working full-time job and the effects of the juggle on dating and self-care.


Here's what she had to say: 


When you hear "The Juggle Is Real" what comes to mind?


I do not see it as a negative. I see it as the ability to manage multiple things at multiple times and be human while doing it. We are taught that you either master the juggle or you fail at it. I say that the juggle is more about my ability than it is about my success or failure. It is about taking the limits off and telling myself, "I am fully capable of doing this."


What does the juggle look like for you?


A few years ago I quit my full-time job in corporate America, but I recently went back to work because financially I need the additional income to fund my many visions. The juggle for me now is having to be at work at a certain hour while also leading a non-profit organization that demands my time and attention. I have to prioritize my evenings and most days there are just some things that get priority over others and trying to make time for rest and self-care in the midst of it.


What would you say is the biggest myth you have learned about the juggle?


We are taught to master one thing and get it right - a jack of all trades or master of none. We are taught that the more we are