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April's Fool

About a month ago, I was a week-long visitor of New Haven, Connecticut. My days were filled with long training sessions and my evenings were filled with my foodie attempts at exploring a few of New Haven's must eats only to find myself tucked under my fluffed hotel linen before dusk. Though my natural instinct when visiting a new city is to become better acquainted with it, there was something beckoning me to be still. The streets were cold and empty. The people were strange and distant. It was almost as if my time away from home was preparation for my soon-to-be stay at home.

And so here I sit on the first day of April, trying not to be its fool. Washing my hands. Working from home. Homeschooling my daughter. Cooking my meals. Calling my loved ones. Zooming my heart out. Listening to my body. Managing my anxiety. Repeating my prayers. Washing my clothes. Listening to my jams. Netflixing my shows. Checking my bank account. Reflecting on my journey. And most importantly, counting my blessings. Because while all that we are facing right now is no joke, I do believe that we will get to have the last laugh.

Meet us at 12pm EST on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our Instagram Live session"Questions While Quarantined". Tanisha and I want to know how you are doing. Don't meet us there. Beat us there. - Brittani H.


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