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Becoming a Homebody

We know that it has been a while since you've heard from us! We are thick of development and production season for the Layered Living Planner 2021. This means that we have been tucked away creating fresh content, reviewing art direction files and even making new magic. We cannot wait to share exactly what it is very soon!

Aside from working full-time and doing all things HerSpace Co., I have also been doing a lot of thinking as stay-at-home orders are still in place for me here in North Carolina. I never really considered myself a homebody, but I am almost sure that this now 2-month long quarantine has made a homebody out of me. When I say homebody, I do not only mean that I find myself cozy in the confines of my own home, but I am also finding myself more comfortable in my very own skin. I have spent much time of the past 8 weeks sitting with myself - my story and my upbringing, my joys and my heartbreaks, my values and my quirks, my body and my personality. And guess what? I have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed sitting with me so much that I never want to leave. It is a place of fresh self-awareness, deepened self-love and  and new found peace. It's home.

I challenge you this month as we focus on our GlamHer layer to journey home. Consider the things that make you glow. Reflect on the things that tried to dim your light, but failed. Name the things that are critical to your glow. Overturn the lies you tell yourself about your glow. Affirm your glow by revisiting page 17 in your Layered Living Planner 2020. Relish in your magic until it becomes your home.


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