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Where do you go when your home isn't a refugee? I spent time today thinking and praying for those quarantined to a place where their soul knows no peace. I cannot speak for anyone else but I hadn't stopped to consider those individuals that have been mandated to remain in a harmful environment. This is an uncomfortable truth for so many modern women - our homes are not our havens. Stripping away all means of escape - no trips to the office, limited social and familial interactions, unable to attend church services, evening engagements at a halt, and weekend errands are a thing of the past. There is a narrative that we are all in our homes with our loved ones cooking new recipes, organizing our closets, binge watching our favorite shows and catching up with loved ones via Zoom- yet the reality is that there are some women in their homes sitting - just sitting in the middle of their depression, reemerging childhood traumas, the loneliness of recent breakups or divorces, the guilt and disappointment of their decisions, battling addictions, infertility issues, stuck in an abusive relationship, isolated from loved ones while finding comfort in unhealthy eating habits - just sitting. 

So what do we do? We find ways to truly support each other. This quarantine presents different challenges for each of us. Find out what the people in your life really need during these times while also being vulnerable about your needs. I have no idea how long these tough times will last but I do no know that we can outlast them together. HerSpace has chosen to check in every MWF via IG Live at 12 p.m. EST just as a reminder you have community of women supporting you. Create a new habit or routine that will allow you to experience some joy in the midst of sitting / find a way to combat some of the ills you may be facing. Here a few creative ways to cope:  

  • Meditation: Use a meditation app such as Headspace to help relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Exercising: Commit to taking a daily walk or picking up Yoga. Fresh air will do wonders for your spirit!

  • Journaling: Writing helps you to organize your thoughts and emotions the LLP is a great guided tool to get you started. 

  • Praying: Words have power - use your words to connect to God and let your requests be known.

  • Connecting: We were made to connect - call a loved one or a friend daily. Or use Talkspace to connect to a therapist online. 

Do what you have to do to take care of you. - Tanisha C.


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Think back to your last mistake and make a mental note of what you learned from it.


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