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Right to Remain Silent

March is Women’s History Month and even with only being 3 days into the month, we are seeing t-shirt and product campaigns, social media hashtags, news features, magazine spreads and events that echo with truth, passion, freedom and possibility about all that we are and all that we have been.

“We are women. Hear us roar.” 

But what happens when you don’t feel like roaring?

This is where I have found myself lately: no desire to roar. Perhaps I am drained by the constant noise that floods our timelines with photos, captions, comments and commentary or the ever present “say something” cloud that lures us into to giving our opinion, sharing our thoughts and speaking our mind. Not to mention the realization that everybody is saying something but is something really being said? 

This month at HerSpace Co. we are tending to our OrganizHer layer. And while this layer was designed to explore ways to bring organization to our physical space as modern women, I have also been considering how I can bring peace and order to my mental space because these two go hand in hand. 

Mental chaos breed physical chaos and crowded minds breed crowded spaces. With this in mind, I have been working on what roaring looks like for me. More importantly, I am being mindful of my voice, the ways that choose to use it and the manner in which I engage it. I am being more deliberate about what I allow to stir me and draw me.  

Because contrary to virtual belief, we as women have the right to remain silent. And sometimes by doing this, we are in fact, roaring after all. - xoxo Brittani H.


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