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The Extra Mile

In the past, being miles and miles from my closest friends and family has been an excuse for my lack of a consistent social life and the absence of outings and experiences (outside of my little family) that bring me joy. However this year, I have committed myself to making the miles between me and those who mean to the world to me an opportunity instead of an obstacle. And here's what I realize in doing this : people only do what they first make a priority. So this year, if you flip through the pages of my Layered Living Planner 2020, my priorities are pretty are clear. You will see quite a bit of my days marked with travel plans. Some places near and some places far. I even got so creative to schedule a long layover in a city where some of my closest friends live and we are planning to grab a late lunch at a restaurant near the airport during my layover.  Perhaps your first instinct is to call my layover lunch or turnaround trips extra, but I call them essential. Essential is defined as absolutely necessary, extremely important and central to the nature of someone. When I think on the people in my life - the ones that give me my roots and my wings - they are indeed absolutely necessary; they are extremely important and they are most definitely central to my nature and existence. And in 2020, with every traveled mile, I plan to experience each one of them. In this season, I want nothing more than for you as you tend to your LovHer layer to not only identify people in your life that bring you joy, but also make plans to experience them. Swing by the happy hour. Do the dinner. Take the trip. Schedule the play date. Put the phone down. Grab the tickets. Host the party. Join the small group. RSVP to the invitation.  This August, we invite you to add The Official Layered Living Planner Meetup to your list of 2020 experiences. We are curating an experience that will inspire you to nurture your relationships with other modern women and ignite you to live out your layers with audacity and without apology. It's the perfect girls' getaway, planner partner road trip or solo adventure for you to meet other #LLP2020 users. This weekend will take place August 14th-16th in our founding city Greensboro, North Carolina. Registration includes 2-night hotel accommodations, dining experiences,  Layered Living sessions led by the creators of the Layered Living Planner and exclusive gifts and surprises designed with you in mind.  Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit. Spaces are very limited.

- Brittani Hunt, Co-founder of HerSpace Co.


{LovHer : born to show up}

Treat yourself to something special. Enjoy every bit of it.

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