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The Perfect Reset

Is it just me or was January the month that seemed like it would never end ? Attempting to recover from the holidays, pushing through the hard start of new routines and processing the tragic helicopter accident that took 9 lives too soon, made for a January that I was eager to see go.

Last week, we polled our Layered Living Planner Circle members and Instagram followers how this first month has been using your #LLP2020. 58% of you shared hat you were not as consistent with using your Layered Living Planner in the month of January as you hoped to be.

And guess what? IT IS OK. With 4 days into the second month of the year, February feels like the perfect reset. Instead of leaning away from your #LLP2020 this month in shame and disappointment, lean into these 4 principles as you discover how to best maximize your planner experience :

1. Trust it. We created the LLP with you in mind. We considered who you are and all that you would bring to this space. Pace and grace yourself as you get used to this new system.

2. Open it. Your planner belongs in your hands, not on your shelf. You have already invested your money into this system, now you must invest your time. Make using your LLP a priority by setting aside time to actually use it. Get motivated by our Setup Sunday as you intentionally plan your week ahead.

3. Own it. Make your LLP yours. Have fun with it. Grab your favorite pens, markers, highlighters & paper clips. In December, your planner should your beautiful proof of an intentional year.

4. Live it.  You have already signed up for the layered life so you might as well live it to the fullest. There is no turning back now. Find your rhythm and stay in tune with it all year long. When you miss your beat, give yourself the space to catch it again.

Live Out Your Layers

{LovHer : born to show up}

Write a love letter to yourself. Include your greatest love lessons and the things you love about yourself.


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