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Time is Ticking

On the 8th anniversary of Whitney Houston's death I sit listening to Nipsey Hussle echo throughout my house rapping the lyrics "who knew" two weeks before the memorial service of Kobe Bryant and his young daughter. Who Knew. These lyrics were almost prophetic. I reflect on the lives and deaths of these celebrities. Who Knew. It made me stop and ask honestly - who really knows? And reality is that we live not knowing when sudden illness, death, or just life-altering events are headed our way. So what do we do with the time we are given in the meantime? We are taught the value of money, the value of working hard and some of us are even taught the value of relationships - but what about the valuation of time. The value of time has been heavy on my heart - do we live as if time is ticking?  I like to think of time as the currency of life. How are you spending your most valuable assets?  I am taking this week to reflect on where I spend my time. Using my Layered Living Planner, I will track every hour of my time. Consider this a time-budget : Where, How, with Whom and the Outcome.  Thank you Nippy, Nipsey and Kobe Bean for the reminder that life is too short to continue to sit at tables that don't serve you, spaces too small for you and places that detour you.  Time is ticking. Spend your time wisely.


{LovHer : born to show up}

Think of the person who has left the greatest imprint on your life. Let them know the ways they have left their mark.


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